Wiltonhouse pictures, in association with Isotope Films, and The National Federation of the Blind Present

Do You Dream in Color?

Connor, Nick, Sarah and Carina are like most teenagers navigating the growing pains of high school, but unlike their peers these four teens face another challenge - they're blind. Do You Dream in Color? is an enlightening and poignant comingof age story that captures the inspired journeys of four courageous teenagers as they strive to achieve their goals: to be a sponsored skateboarder, to travel the world, to become a rock star, and to be the first family member to graduate high school. Their extraordinary stories shine a provocative light on both the social and institutional obstacles faced by people who are blind in the sighted world and what it takes to surmount these barriers.

"This film is a beautiful and powerful chronicle of four young people striv- ing to achieve their goals and live the lives they want in the face of the low expectations and misconceptions that too often erect barriers between blind people and our dreams. In particular, the film accurately portrays the ways in which our public education system fails blind students. Watching it deeply moved me and made me more determined, as a blind person, a father of blind children and the leader of the National Federation of the Blind, to fight all the harder for young people like the courageous, focused, and charismatic teens we see on screen.

Sarah smiles brightly

The National Federation of the Blind is pleased and proud to work with the makers and distributors of this well-crafted and enlightening movie to bring it to a wider audience. This collaboration is a natural fit for us because the film highlights the need for our continuing work to promote Braille literacy, expand opportunities for blind students in STEM education, advocate for equal access to educational technology, and fight for the legal and civil rights of blind students throughout the nation. We believe that the stories told in this film will spark discussion and enhance understanding of the true challenges faced by the blind, as well as demonstrating that blindness itself is not the characteristic that defines an individual or his or her future."

- Mark A. Riccobono, President,
National Federation of the Blind

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